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Hello 👋 Click the Microphone icon and speak to enable Voiser Dictation. Voiser Dictation will accurately convert your speech to text in real time. For assistance, please email info@voiser.net. Thanks🎙️

What is Dictation?

"Dictation" is the quick and error-free writing of a specific text, either written or spoken, by a person or institution. or to be said. It is usually carried out using a dictation device or software. Dictation devices or software are used when a person speaks the dictated text at a certain speed or rhythm. They perceive the text and convert it into written text.

How does it work?

  • Voice Detection: The voice dictated by the user is recorded.
  • Sound Processing: Detected noise is reduced.
  • Speech Recognition: Audio signals are converted to text. Words are recognized.
  • Text Creation: Written text is created using recognized words.
  • Edit: The generated text is corrected.

In this way, the written text is obtained quickly and accurately by dictating the voice.

Voiser Dictation Evaluation ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

# Easy Operation Accuracy rate Supported Languages Supported Systems
Voiser ✔️ %99 More than 75 languages Android - IOS

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