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Creating Custom Avatar with Your Own Voice

Add Your Voice to Your Avatar, Make Your Digital Presence Unique

It is an important step in personalizing and promoting your digital presence. This method allows you to increase your recognition and strengthen your brand by adding your own voice to your custom avatar. It also offers a more efficient content creation process by eliminating the time and resources you need to dedicate to traditional video footage or audio recordings. By creating a custom avatar with your own voice, it effectively represents your digital presence and makes you stand out even more in SEO searches. In summary, creating custom avatars with your own voice helps you deliver a more effective and immersive digital experience by making your digital presence unique.

Talking Avatar

Create a Unique Digital Twin with Face Cloning,

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The Simplest Avatar Creation Experience

Just 3 easy steps for any content and perfect avatar.

  • 1st Step

    Upload your face photo

    Upload a photo of your own face. No actors or webcams required. You can start by uploading your own face photo to the avatar creator tool.

  • 2st Step

    Enter Text

    Enter the text for the avatar to read. Our text-to-speech software supports over 75 languages and accents. To adjust the audio settings, you can record a voice to speak the text or have the written text read using an automatic voiceover engine.

  • 3st Step

    Create video

    Your video will be created in just a few minutes. Then translate, download or publish. Voiser users have a full commercial license to freely use their videos online and offline.

Talking Avatar

Talking Avatar

Enhance Communication and Create Impressive Video Experiences with Talking Avatars


It allows you to create a unique digital asset. In this way, you can be represented in a more personal and authentic way in digital environments.

Communication and Interaction

It increases your communication and interaction skills. You naturally express texts or conversations on your behalf.

Brand and Image Building

It can be a way to strengthen your brand. In the business world, you can make your brand more recognizable by using a custom avatar and voice.

Multi-Language Capabilities

It automatically translates text or speech in a foreign language, making it easy for you to interact with different cultures.

Education and Entertainment

For educational materials or games, it can provide an interactive learning experience and attract students' attention.


It increases their access to information by presenting texts or speech intelligible for people with visual or hearing impairment.

Why Voiser Talking Avatar?

It offers a wide range of customization options according to your tastes and needs, so you can create exactly the avatar you want.

Realistic Speaking Capabilities

He has realistic speaking abilities. It communicates candidly with users with natural tone, accents and correct pronunciation.

Lip Sync

Thanks to its lip synchronization feature, it performs lip movements harmoniously like a real person while talking.

Customization Options

You can customize many features such as gender, appearance, clothing style and tone of voice and create a completely unique avatar.

Voice Communication

Users can send text messages via the text box or communicate by speaking using the microphone.

Multi-Language Support

It allows users to communicate in different languages and provides access to a wider audience globally.


It responds to users' questions and fulfills their demands in real time. It offers a lively experience with instant interactions.

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  • Trendyol
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Acunmedya
  • Tv8
  • Turkuvaz Medya
  • Beymen
  • Deniz Yatırım
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  • Enpara
  • Teb
  • Yatırım Finansman
Embark on your quest to create a bespoke avatar and get the opportunity to further customize and express your digital presence in an impressive way!
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Learn all about Talking Avatar

01. What is Talking Avatar?

Talking Avatar (Face Cloning) is an avatar or digital character's face by scanning or uploading a user's face. It is a technology that synchronizes with the user. In this way, the user can realistically interact with the talking avatar. can speak and express.

03. How does Face Cloning work?

Face Cloning captures the user's facial expressions and expressions based on a scanned or uploaded photo of the user's face. This data is integrated into the face model of an avatar or digital character and is combined with features such as lip syncing.

02. What are the uses of Talking Avatar?

Such as entertainment, animation, video games, virtual reality, advertising, education, and businesses. can be used in many fields. Users can tell interactive stories, offer lessons, can promote products or provide an interactive brand experience.

04. How is security and privacy ensured?

Face Cloning technology prioritizes user privacy and security. User's face data is processed securely and stored. Data is usually protected through encryption and secure servers. users, data sharing and are informed about the privacy policies and their consent is obtained.

*These questions and answers provide basic information about Talking Avatar (Face Cloning) technology. If there is a more specific or detailed explanation, I'd be happy to help.

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