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Transform Your Text into Speech for Free: Discover the Ultimate Tool

In the digital era, where accessibility and convenience are paramount, the ability to convert text into speech online for free has become indispensable for many. Whether you're a student seeking assistance with reading assignments, a professional looking to create engaging content, or someone with a...

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Voiser: Redefining the "Speech to Text" Experience

In today's rapidly digitizing world, communication methods are constantly evolving. We no longer communicate solely through written text; we also use our voices. However, the process of converting voice recordings to written text, known as "speech to text," can be time-consuming and complex. This is...

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Add Power to Your Voiceovers with Voiser Pronunciation Feature

  Voiser Studio introduces the Pronunciation Feature, which allows users to edit pronunciation and personalize voiceovers. Voiser's Pronunciation Feature is a tool that allows users to change the pronunciation of any word in their text. This feature allows users to correct mispronunciations, ...

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Voiser Transcription: Speaker Recognition is here!

We are excited to announce a remarkable addition to Voiser's transcription service that takes your experience to the next level. We have introduced Speaker Recognition, making your audio and video transcription projects more efficient and user-friendly. Speaker Recognition is about ensuring that ...

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Expand Your Reach with Voiser Transcription - 129 Language Translation

Voiser Transcription's 129 Language Translation feature allows users to effortlessly translate their transcribed text into multiple languages, expanding the accessibility and global reach of their content How to Use? Translate Text: After completing the transcription of the text, click on the ...

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Enhance Your Videos with Voiser Transcription Subtitle Length Adjustment

This new feature is designed to enable content creators, businesses and individuals to further customise their audio and video content and extend their reach. Voiser's new Subtitle Length Adjustment Feature is a feature that allows you to create subtitles tailored to your content. You can now custo...

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Introducing 6 New Multilingual UHD Voices!

Discover 6 new Ultra Realistic (UHD) Voiser voices that are not only incredibly realistic but can speak any language! Voiser has introduced 6 Ultra High Definition (UHD) multilingual AI voices that break language barriers and stand out for their versatility, advancing the field of text-to-speech. E...

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Voiser Transcribe User Guide

Voiser Transcribe User GuideBefore Transcribing,• Make sure that the audio file is in mp3 or wav format and the file size is less than 100MB. • Make sure the audio is recorded ‘stereo’ or the voice comes from at least from ‘left channel’.If it is only...

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Voiser Transcribe (Speech to text) Guide

Voiser Transcribe User GuideBefore Transcribing,• Make sure that the audio file is in mp3 or wav format and the file size is less than 100MB. • Make sure the audio is recorded ‘stereo’ or the voice comes from at least from ‘left channel’.I...

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Key Points to Look Out For In Voiceovers

1- First and foremost, be sure to check your text and punctuation marks for any mistakes. 2- Use of punctuation marks are very important for the tone of the voices. Especially the use of commas can allow you to have pauses in the sentences. 3- You can get better results with some words, numbe...

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Guide to Voiser Studio

Welcome to Voiser Studio! 1- Waiting Time Between Sentences You can click on the waiting time button at the end of the lines to choose how long the halts will be between sentences.2-Adding a New LineSimply press enter to start typing in a new line. 3- Deleting a Line Press on delete, or click ...

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How to use the pronunce feature?

Pronunce feature can be used to correct the pronunciation mistakes when you’re converting your texts to speech in voiser studio. add the correct pronunciations of the misarticulated words or set new pronunciations for all your future text to speech uses. Enter the word you want to correc...

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The Most Effective Voiceover Experience in Digital Environment

When You Need Voiceover, Voiser is always with you!  Take your text to voice experience one step ahead by means of artificial intelligence technology, without being exposed to traditional approaches and human condition variables. With Voiser, it is much easier to carry out your texts you want ...

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Voice Cloning, Voice simulations and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What Is the Concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  Artificial intelligence (AI) is the emulation of human intelligence of computers that are designed to think and behave like humans. The word may also refer to any computer that displays human-like characteristics such as learning and proble...

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Sintesi vocale senza la necessità di costosi studi e attrezzature.

Inglese, turco, arabo, tedesco, francese, italiano, russo, cinese, giapponese, coreano... Pronuncia i tuoi testi in modo naturale, fluente e realistico con oltre 500 voci in oltre 75 lingue.

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