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Introducing 6 New Ultra HD Multilingual Voices!

Discover the power of audio with high-quality voices that voice over 75 different languages!

Neva (UHD)

Alloy (UHD)

Echo (UHD)

Fable (UHD)

Onyx (UHD)

Shimmer (UHD)

It's time to express your texts with voices that can speak in every language! Do voiceovers in every language you want in a single project. The 6 new voices added to our site make multilingual communication easier. New UHD voices are here to turn your texts into a meaningful and impressive experience in 75+ languages!

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Discover our natural, fluent and realistic voices in 75+ languages.

Text-to-Speech without the need for expensive studios and equipment.

English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean ... Convert your texts naturally, fluently and realistically with more than 550 voices in 75+ languages.

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