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Research suggests that revenue increases by 23% when products form emotional connection with users. ​ It's 2024. Your customers deserve more than robotic and monotonous voices from Google or Amazon. Upgrade your service NOW with industry-leading AI voices.

Boost your services with natural and realistic AI voices to create a better user experience.

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Convert The Content On Your Mobile Application To Sound

Dreaming of building the next big thing? A chat app? A social platform? A creative toolkit? An interactive software? A news reader? Don’t let searching for a quality voice bog you down. The last thing you want to do is shop around for voiceovers when you should really be developing your product and learning about your audience!

Voiveover for News

Let Your News Become An Audio Article

Let Voiser take over the voice-over department of your news organization.

Oyun Geliştirme
Game Development

Scalable and Automated Sounds for Your NPCs

The last thing you want to spend time on is searching and paying for voiceovers for tens, if not hundreds, of NPCs for your game. ​ Use LOVO API to breathe life into your characters, while focusing on what matters more: the plot, graphics, gameplay...etc.

Çağrı Merkezleri
Call Centers

Dynamically Updated Sounds for Your Customers

It’s a lot of work to manually convert text to speech, download the voice files, migrate to your native environment or a 3rd-party OHM / IVR tool, and wait for the upload to finish. Automate the entire process by integrating LOVO API with your contact center software! ​ Enable your IVR to adapt to individual customers, their requests, and the situation.

Video Üretici
DIY Video Makers

Upgrade your video maker with AI Voiceovers

A bulk of your clients will need voiceovers, and they will resort to 3rd party marketplaces like Fiverr to get the job done. ​ Not only is this expensive for your users, it is also time consuming - and for you, it's a loss of customer screentime ​ Make the lives of your users easier, keep them happy and on your platform.

For Developers


It's easy to integrate our first-class text-to-speech technology with your products. Voiser API service is built on the basis of REST API. This means you can use any of your favorite programming languages to get the job done.


Simple Integration

Our easy-to-use voiceover and transcription API has been designed by expert hands for all developers. We provide you with SDKs, comprehensive documentation and expert support so you can get started in minutes.

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Highest Accuracy in the World Artificial Intelligence-Generated

Voiser AI is the industry leader in accuracy for video and audio applications and is trained using the most diverse audio collection in the world.
Voiser AI offers the right solutions with its advanced technology.

Powerful AI models, simple API

API services enable voice and transcription readings to be performed more effectively and easily. It increases the importance of recognition, vocalization and trancription processes that allow API services to perform any demonstration, voiceover or deciphering operations. Voiser AI offers you the highest results in accuracy, leaving the voiceover and transcription services of the world's technology giants behind. The final accuracy rate of Voiser AI, its unified cultured AI, is up to 99% with a 1.7% error rate. With this achievement, our leading company also succeeds in providing high-quality service while achieving a better accuracy rate than this.

Human 100%
Voiser 99%
Google 90%
Microsoft 85%
Amozon 80%
What is Text to Speech API Service?

Text to Speech API Service

The Text to Speech API service is becoming more and more crucial, particularly with the increasing number of web and mobile applications.

Also, the Text-to-Speech API service is a significant contributor to the growth in voice call usage and its widespread adoption.

The Text-to-Speech Voiser API service offers users several advantages, including facilitating language learning, a simple comprehension of messages and information, facilitating the usage of online and mobile applications, and increasing visitors' attention to websites and other interactive material.

What is Speech to Text API Service?

Speech to Text API Service

The Voiser Speech-to-Text API service is a powerful tool that converts existing speech recordings to text files. Particularly for people employed in the media, entertainment, and communications sectors, Voiser API saves time.

For instance, in order for a radio show to be broadcast, audio may need to be recorded, transcribed, and translated into text files. Here, the use of Voiser Speech-to-Text API makes the conversion of recordings to text files much quicker.

Voiser Text-to-speech and Speech-to-Text API services are crucial piece of technology that helps people save time in a variety of industries.

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We offer affordable and comprehensive voice-over and transcription solutions to all types of startups, from small to large-scale startups.


We are designed for large-scale jobs. Every day, we handle millions of audio files for thousands of clients, including top companies from every sector.


We offer substantial help to developers through our comprehensive tutorials, exhaustive documentation, and changelog.

Why Voiser AI?

The Voiser API is simple to use and may be tailored to the needs of users. Our text-to-speech and speech-to-text (transcription) API services are easy to use. It is simple to integrate into your application and product. With Voiser, bring your apps to life!

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