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Up to 100% accuracy rate, transcribe audio and video files in 75+ Languages.

A powerful, quick and low-cost assistant to convert your speech to text. Unleash the power of AI.

Up to 100% Accuracy

Thanks to our high-end artificial intelligence engines, you can convert your speech to text with up to %100 accuracy.

Automatic Punctuation

Our new generation transcription engines that are amplified with the abilities of detection and interpretation recognize punctuation automatically and give a perfect transcription.

Advanced Online Editor

Our advanced online text editor with an extremely interactive UI makes it easy and fun to transcribe your audio file and edit your text.

Flexible Download Options

Quickly export your transcript as a Word, Excel, Text or Subtitle file in multiple formats with optional timestamps, punctuation and profanity filter.

Our Happy Customers

More than 1000 brands in 100+ countries are using our AI-powered solutions

  • ICBC
  • Exxen
  • Ntv
  • Haber Türk
  • Türkiye İş Bankası
  • Renault
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Turkcell
  • Hepsiburada
  • Trendyol
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Acunmedya
  • Tv8
  • Turkuvaz Medya
  • Beymen
  • Deniz Yatırım
  • migros
  • Enpara
  • Teb
  • Yatırım Finansman
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Simplest transcription experience

Just 3 simple steps for highly accurate text to speech.

  • Upload audio file
  • Edit and save transcript
  • Download and use the text

Convert audio to text in 75+ Languages with up to 100% accuracy.

Why Voiser Speech to Text?

Convert hours of audio and video to text in minutes, not days.

High Accuracy

Speech to text with up to 100% accuracy rates with our developed engines supported by artificial intelligence.

Easy to Use

Our expert UI designers have worked rigorously to provide you with an enjoyable user experience at every step.

Auto Punctuation

Our engine, powered by detection and interpretation capabilities, can automatically identify punctuation.

Text Editor

Our online text editor with an interactive UI makes it easy to transcribe your audio file and edit your text.

Speech to Text in 75+ Languages

Transcribe your audio and video files in 75+ languages in minutes.

Grouping & Saving

You can save your transcriptions by separating them into groups, then you can easily filter and access them.

Data Protection

Transcribe your conversation with confidential information thanks to our Digital Data Security System.

Download Your Text

Quickly export your transcriptions in many formats as Word, Excel, Text or Subtitle file.

Converting speech to text is with Voiser.

Convert your video and audio recordings to text in minutes with Voiser Speech to Text, saving up to 4 times your time and budget.

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Upload audio files

Create a free account and upload your audio and video file to our platform. Voiser Speech to Text can transcribe in 75+ languages.


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Check via online editor

Sip your coffee while our AI-powered transcription engine converts the speech to text.



Export your files

You can export your files in text or subtitle formats. Our platform provides download options in Txt, Docx, Xlsx, Srt formats.

Utilization Areas

Use transcription to make your job easier and grow your business.

Call Centers

High-accuracy speech recognition for call centers and contact centers



Convert your voice to text, increase your productivity and get more done.



Reduce your wasting time for documents and allocate your time for productive tasks



Let automatic transcription software save you hours of time.


Media and Broadcasting

Automatic transcription and video logging for Media Production and Broadcasting.



Automatically transcribe your podcasts with spelling precision.



Automatic Captioning & Transcription for Municipalities and Parliaments.



Reliable & accurate transcriptions for qualitative research.



Automatically transcribe your interview in a matter of minutes and copy them.



Transcription for schools. Transcribe your course records into text in minutes



Automatically transcribe your meetings and conversations in minutes.



Automatically add time-stamped subtitles to your videos.

The solution you are looking for is not listed here? Contact us directly, and we’ll find a proper solution for you!

We make audio accessible

Unlock the full potential of your audio and video content by turning it into searchable, editable and interactive transcripts.

Language Library

Voiser Speech to Text can recognize the speech in 75+ languages.

Text-to-Speech without the need for expensive studios and equipment.

English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean ... Convert your texts naturally, fluently and realistically with more than 550 voices in 75+ languages.

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