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Accurately convert your audio, video, clips and edits in Afrikaans in a few minutes with Voiser's advanced artificial intelligence.

Now you have a strong assistant for speech to text easily, quickly and at lower cost.


You will save a lot of time with Voiser. Much more economical than other transcription services.

High Accuracy

Voiser's super-fast online transcription service offers up to 99% accuracy.

Easy Operation

It is very easy to use. It will only take a few minutes to make adjustments to the transcript if necessary.

File Variety

You can edit and download the transcriptions you will make with Voiser in multiple formats.

How to Transcribe Afrikaans Language?

Upload your file.

With our uploader, you can upload your file directly from the browser without the need for external software. The first 10 minutes are free with .waw and .mp3 files up to 100 MB.

Choose Afrikaans language

We support over 75+ languages, dialects and accents.

Click the Convert Speech to Text button.

Click the Convert Speech to Text button and you're ready. Errors will be corrected by our artificial intelligence and delivered in the format you want with 99% accuracy.

Transcribe Your Audio Recordings!

Convert your Afrikaans audio and video files to text automatically, then you can decode the resulting text with one click.

Upload your audio file directly from the browser without any external software and Voiser's artificial intelligence supported studio will prepare your transcript for you with up to 99% accuracy.

We are at your service with our language support up to 75+ languages and dialects, including Afrikaans and English. You can also save the prepared transcript as multiple file types (Excel, Word, Text and Subtitle(.srt)).

Highest Accuracy in Afrikaans Transcription

The carefully trained artificial intelligence of the Voiser transcription studio works with an error rate of 1.7%, providing an accuracy rate of up to 99% and with this success, it provides high quality service by achieving a higher accuracy rate than today's leading companies.

You can examine the data obtained by leading technology companies in 2024 and the data of Voiser in the graphic on the side. Make up your own mind by addressing flexible plans, accuracy and error rates, and the variety offered.

Our Happy Customers

More than 1000 brands in 22 countries are using our AI-powered solutions

  • ICBC
  • Exxen
  • Ntv
  • Haber Türk
  • Türkiye İş Bankası
  • Renault
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Turkcell
  • Hepsiburada
  • Trendyol
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Acunmedya
  • Tv8
  • Turkuvaz Medya
  • Beymen
  • Deniz Yatırım
  • migros
  • Enpara
  • Teb
  • Yatırım Finansman

Convert Afrikaans Speech to Text

Convert speech and video files to text in Afrikaans and 75+ Languages, 135+ dialects. Download in Word, Excel, Txt and Srt subtitle formats.

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What Is Voiser Transcription?
You can convert your speech to text via Voiser Transcription. This conversion process is carried out without the human factor, it utilizes the artificial intelligence infrastructure of Voiser.
How Does Voiser Transcription Work?
All you have to do is upload your audio file to Voiser Transcription. The service will soon convert conversations to text. Then, you can easily edit any mistakes and download your text in various formats with the Voiser Transcription text editor.
How Long Does Voiser Transcription Take?
It depends on the length of the audio file. Voiser translates the audio file to text 4 times faster than an average human.
In Which Formats Can I Download The Text?
You can download your text in .srt (subtitle), .txt, .docx (word), .xlsx (excel) formats.
What Is Success Rate?
You can transcribe up to 99% accuracy depending on speech quality.
Can I Have Free Trial?
Yes. Click Register to create a new free account. Get 10 minutes of free transcript.

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