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Official institutions are one of the areas where paperwork is very and intense. It is possible to perform these tasks quickly and by saving time. Audio recordings, meeting recordings, etc. You can reduce your workload by converting the files to text with Voiser transcription.

Translating Audio to Text for Municipalities

With artificial intelligence technology developing day by day, we now benefit from convenience in many different areas. At the beginning of these conveniences, sound technologies come. With sound technologies, we can automatically translate sounds into text and then print them out very easily.

It is possible to perform these transactions quickly and by saving time, especially in areas where there is a lot of paperwork, such as official institutions. You can reduce the file load by converting audio recordings, meeting recordings, etc. files into text in official institutions.

With the Voiser decode feature, you can upload all your audio files to the transcription editor and convert them to text within minutes, and you can print them out in any format you want.

In particular, you can safely write confidential files in official institutions thanks to our privacy policy and our Digital Data Security System,

You can do all of this very easily and quickly with Voiser Decipher by making use of advanced artificial intelligence technology.

With the decipher editor, where you can experience deciphering in many different areas;

  • With an accuracy rate of up to 100%,
  • Can decipher in Turkish and 40+ Languages, 45+ Polish,
  • You can easily review and edit the texts you will create with the advanced editing editor,
  • It can decipher perfectly with automatic punctuation marks,
  • You can save your work to come back and edit it later,
  • With flexible download options, you can receive it in many formats as text file (.txt), word file (.docx), excel file (.xlsx), subtitle files (.srt/.sbv).

Some of Our Other Uses

Use transcription to make your job easier and grow your business.



Increase your productivity and do more works!




Reliable & accurate transcriptions for qualitative research.




Automatically transcribe your interview in a matter of minutes and copy them.


Text to speech without the need for expensive studios and equipment.

English, Turkish, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean ... Speech your texts naturally, fluently and realistically with more than 220 voices in 50+ languages.

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