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Voice Cloning with Artificial Intelligence

Clone high-quality voices that match real human voices 99% of the time with Voiser. Content that wants to add a personal touch to audio projects The perfect choice for creators, podcasters and businesses.

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Voiser Voice Cloning

New Audio Experience

Voice cloning is more than a novelty.

Voice cloning is one of the most popular technological developments of recent years. Thanks to this technology, a person's voice, has likewise been imitated. Advanced technology such as voice cloning technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning Using technologies, it can transfer one person's speech style, stress, tone and accent to another person. Voice cloning technology is used in professions such as music artists, radio presenters, and audiobook readers. However, malicious people can use this technology for malicious actions. Fraud, phishing A person's voice can be impersonated and someone's identity stolen. Voice cloning technology is an exciting technology that can be used in many areas of our daily life.

Voice Cloning with Voiser

A Powerful Audio Cloning Program

Voiser sound cloning offers a wide range of customization options to suit your tastes and needs, so you can create the exact sound you want.

Source Files

Preview Mode

Listen and preview before converting a single paragraph or full text to speech.

Music Packs

Speech Styles

Use expressive emotional speaking styles to make sounds more natural and engaging.

Logos & Idents

Sound Shots

Fine-tune Pace, Pitch, Accent, and Pauses to create a more appropriate tone.

Sound Effects

Multi-Sound Feature

Create conversations like voice-overs using different sounds for sentences in the same audio file.

Music Kits

Special Pronunciations

Identify how certain words are pronounced. Record and reuse these pronunciations when synthesizing speech.


AI Sounds

Choose from a growing library of 500 natural-sounding Text-to-Speech voices in 75 languages and accents.

Bring Sound to Life with Voice Cloning Technology

Voiser's real-time Voice Cloning software lets you create any style of sound you want.

You don't need any special studio quality to create a near-perfect sound clone. When you need a quiet and gentle tone or a soothing whisper, Voiser gives you more power than any other instrument. offers good results. You can also easily produce sound clones in any style you want, in any project you have in mind. Unleash your imagination with the unlimited potential of Voiser and have impressive sound clones in your projects. Take a look at sample voices from Voiser's real-time Voice Cloning software.


Replicate Your Voice with Realistic Voice Cloning

Convert hours of audio and video to text in minutes, not days.

Create unlimited previews

Since this is generative audio AI, the sound will be unique every time you create it. Create multiple instances and choose the perfect one for your needs.

Convert unlimited words

There's no limit to how many words you can convert in Voiser's text-to-speech editor. You use your voice however you want and it doesn't get tired.

Export as WAV

After creating the audio samples, you can easily export them as individual audio clips or as a single file in high-quality WAV format.

Voice Cloning
What is it and how does it work?

Voice cloning is a technology that copies voices for use in imitating a person's voice.

Traditionally, hours of recorded speech data are needed to clone a voice. However, with Voiser, this time is reduced to minutes! Voiser.net's expert team has recorded the voices of over 4000 characters to create a high-quality library. Our technology provides you with the voice of your chosen character in real time. allows you to analyze, modify and correct. Voice cloning, live streams, group chats and can take your gaming experiences to an immersive level like never before.

With Voiser.net
How can I clone the sound?

Bring immersive audio experiences to any game, chat or live stream.

If you are wondering how to clone your own voice or maybe someone else's voice. Voiser.net allows you to copy your own or someone else's voice with its voice cloning technology. With this innovative platform, you can quickly grow your podcasts or back up your audio. You can customize your voice the way you want, thanks to the features that Voiser.net provides. You can adjust many parameters such as tone, pitch, speed, fineness and thickness as you wish. You can also easily get different emotional tones such as whispering, shouting or scared. By simply uploading your voice to the system, Voiser.net takes care of the rest for you. This user-friendly platform gives you full control, further enhancing your audio cloning experience.

Highest Accuracy Rate
So far

The Simplest Audio Copying Experience

Just 3 easy steps to clone any content and great sound.

Select Audio Recording

In the first step, select the sound you want to clone. This audio can be a speech, song, podcast or any audio recording. Choose your voice recording and upload it in Voiser AI's user-friendly interface.

Set Settings

In the second step, set the properties of the sound to be copied. Customize it the way you want by specifying the tone, speed, emphasis or other sound parameters. In this step, Voiser AI's deep learning technology will analyze the characteristics of the voice you have selected and incorporate them into the transcription process.

Create and Save

In the third step, the Voiser AI performs the audio copying and creates the copied audio. As a result, a similar copy of the sound you selected is obtained. You can listen to this audio copy and save it if you wish.

Continuous Growing Sounds Library!

Voiser AI creates realistic and fluid AI voice clones with deep learning technology. You will be fascinated by the natural fluency and realism of the sounds. Voiser AI has extraordinary abilities to imitate the voice of any person or character and thus can perfectly reflect different language structures. It offers an unlimited world of sounds. Be it your favorite reality star, game character, celebrity or cartoon character. Voiser AI to create hyper-realistic replicas that sound just like real humans It trains amazing sounds every day for you! Discover a new way to communicate across language barriers and express emotions in the most natural way.

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Learn all about Audio Cloning

01. What is Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic voice using voice recordings of a real person. Audio cloning is a technique on real recordings to extract spectra of sound and create a sound that is almost real-like. Machine Learning uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to train the sound model. Voiser uses advanced deep learning techniques to create voice clones that are meaningful, emotional and 99% similar to the real voice.

03. Does Voice Cloning preserve the accent?

Definitely! Voiser's cutting-edge voice cloning preserves the accent up to almost 100%. Listen to our audio cloning examples and experience the magic yourself.

02. How Voice Cloning works with Voiser?

Cloning a voice in Voiser is very easy. All we need is a few hours of audio recording of the person and the audio will be ready in a few hours. You can clone a sound using our online software. If you are cloning your own voice, you will be prompted to upload your voice recordings. After uploading all the voice recordings, your voice will be sent to be cloned. Then use the audio from our online text-to-speech editor or API. You can start.

04. What is voice cloning used for?

Voice cloning can be used in: Animations, Game development, Digital and commercial advertising, Podcasting, Audiobooks, E-learning, TV shows and movies etc.

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