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Experience the unparalleled realism of voice cloning in the English language with Voiser. With just 1 hour of audio recording, Voiser technology empowers you to effortlessly create lifelike voice clones that exude naturalness. Whether it's for personal or professional projects, Voiser Studio enables you to breathe life into your projects with the utmost authenticity in English voice cloning currently obtainable.

Voice Cloning is available for Enterprise+ customers with a special offer.

With Voiser's Voice Cloning!

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Start by applying for access to Voiser's voice cloning technology. Provide information about your intended use to start the process.

2-Receive Offer

Get a customized offer tailored to your specific voice cloning requirements. Choose the offer that best suits your needs.

3-Contract and Payment

Complete your contract ensuring responsible use of the cloned voice. Make a upfront payment to secure your unique voice clone.

4-Studio Recordings

You will only be given a 1-hour script to record audio samples. Recordings should be done in a professional studio to ensure the highest quality.

6-Unique Voice Clone

Your voice clone will be activated in your Voiser Studio account. You can instantly start creating original content with your voice clone.

5-Voice Training with Voiser AI

Our advanced AI technology processes your voice samples over a few weeks to create a lifelike voice model.

The Most Accurate Cloning of Your Voice

Experience the difference for yourself
Voiser just needs 1 hour of audio recording, but our closest competitor needs a minimum of 20 hours!
Real Voice
Real Voice
Clone Voice
Clone Voice

You may have trouble separating real voice and clone voice! Voiser's advanced technology gives you the opportunity to experience the extraordinary resemblance of a clone voice to the real one. Our voice clones capture the essence of the original voice, delivering lifelike results. Voiser Voice Cloning brings a new reality and versatility to your projects, allowing you to maintain your consistent brand identity and save time and money.

5 Easy Steps to

Voice cloning

Voiser Voice Cloning Service delivers a unique and powerful multipurpose voice experience.

  • Step 1


    Start by requesting access to Voiser's voice cloning technology.

  • Step 2

    Get an offer

    Get a customized offer according to your needs.

  • Step 3

    Complete Contract

    Sign the necessary contracts and complete the payment for your voice clone.

  • Step 4


    Get your 30-minute recording script and complete your production.

  • Step 5

    Create Content

    Start creating engaging content with your unique voice.


Sample Cloned Voices

Voiser voice cloning offers a wide range of customizations to suit your wishes, so you can create exactly the sound you want. Thanks to Voiser's flexible and fine-tuned AI voice model, creating any sound is now easy!

Source Files
Elsie Ross
Music Packs
Keith Bates
Sound Effects
Vera Marsh

What is Voice Cloning?

Voiser voice cloning offers a wide range of customization options to suit your preferences and needs, so you can create the exact voice you want.

Voice cloning, also known as voice synthesis or voice imitation, is a technology developed using machine learning with the aim of making a particular person's voice sound like another person's voice. This technology needs a certain amount of voice data to analyze and learn the unique voice characteristics of the person. After training, it can produce speech that is quite similar to the original voice.

Voice cloning models are usually created using techniques from the field of deep learning. A common approach is to use the recurrent neural network (RNN) model, which is specifically adapted to deal with sequential data such as speech.

Voice cloning technology supports a range of different applications. For example, Google's Tacotron system can produce highly realistic speech in a variety of voices. There are also applications such as Voiser Voice Cloning, which has a user-friendly interface. This advanced AI makes text-to-speech (TTS) and human voice cloning available to the wider audience.

However, voice cloning technology also has ethical and legal issues. With the potential for misuse or abuse, such as consent, identity theft and deep fakes, this is an area that requires regulation and oversight. The potential benefits and risks of voice cloning technology should be carefully considered.

Express Yourself with Emotional Tones!

At Voiser, we believe that your voice should reflect your emotions. With our advanced voice cloning technology, you can convey a wide range of emotions through your voice clone, including happiness, excitement, seriousness, and empathy. Customize your voice to convey the perfect tone for your projects.

  • At Voiser, we don't just create voices; we create emotions.
  • In addition to cloning your voice with a neutral tone, you can also clone it with various emotional tones such as happiness, sadness, anger, or excitement.
  • Read the given text again with the desired emotion while recording your voice.
  • Determine the emotional tone you want to project, such as happy, sad, angry, or excited.
  • During the voice recording, reflect the chosen emotional tone by reading the text with appropriate voice modulation and expressions.
  • Try to use emotional expressions in a natural and sincere manner.

*Once you have created the emotional voice recording, send it to us along with your neutral recording. Your voice clone with the desired emotional tone will be ready!

Why choose Voiser Voice Cloning?

Voice Cloning Quality

Voiser ensures realistic and high-quality results by accurately matching and transforming voice samples.

Artificial Intelligence Experts

Voiser is driven by a team of artificial intelligence specialists dedicated to improving people's lives.

Easy to Use Tools

Using Voiser AI Voice Cloning and other tools is incredibly simple, with no learning curve required.


Our engineers and support team are available to answer any questions and provide assistance throughout the entire process.

Where Voice Cloning is Used

Save money, time, and your voice with Voice Cloning.

Education and Training

Utilize your own voice to enhance training materials or teaching content. Engage students or audiences more effectively and make learning more interactive.

Podcasts and Advertising

Create entire podcasts, commercial voiceovers, or episodes with just one command using your own voice.


Simplify tasks that require dictation or speaking for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, and more.


Generate daily announcements for your company or public notifications with a simple command.

Voice Your Memories

Clone the voices of your loved ones and preserve their favorite memories or stories for future generations.

Marketing and Social Media

Create personalized messages, voicemails, or TikTok videos without saying a word. Record your voice and streamline your content production.

Start Now,

Clone your voice and start creating content.

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Learn All About Voice Cloning

01. What is Voice Cloning?

Voice cloning is the process of creating a synthetic voice using voice recordings of a real person. Voice cloning uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to extract the spectra of the voice and train a machine-learning voice model on real recordings to create a voice that sounds almost like the real voice. Voiser uses advanced deep-learning techniques to create voice clones that are meaningful, emotional, and 99% similar to the real voice.

03. Does Voice Cloning preserve the accent?

Absolutely! Voiser's cutting-edge voice cloning preserves the accent up to almost 100%. Listen to our voice cloning examples and experience the magic for yourself.

02. How does Voice Cloning work with Voiser?

Cloning a voice in Voiser is very easy. All we need is a few hours of audio recording of the person and the voice will be ready in a few hours. You can clone a voice using our online software. If you are cloning your own voice, you will be asked to upload your voice recordings. After uploading all voice recordings, your voice will be sent to be cloned. You can then start using the voice from our online text-to-speech editor or API.

04. What is voice cloning used for?

Voice cloning can be used in the following areas: Animation, Game Development, Digital and commercial advertising, Podcasting, Audiobooks, E-learning, TV shows and movies, etc.

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