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3 Steps to Get Audio on Your WordPress Site: Produce, Position, and Publish! Save up to 20 times as much time and money.

Install the Voiser WordPress plugin on your site. Make your brand stand out with Voiser AI!

Voiser's WordPress voice-over plugin is continuously developing to become the most popular plugin. After a few easy steps, you'll have a user-friendly, new, and proficient voice-over plugin that is powerful and comprehensive but also very easy to install and integrate. Our WordPress voiceover plugin is ready in three simple steps: produce, position, and publish the voiceover!

The Voiser WordPress Plugin

With Voiser AI, make your website stand out.

Voiser Plugin Control Panel

Voiser AI provides a simple and user-friendly interface even when utilizing an artificial intelligence program with complicated connections. You can set the voiceover preferences you desire, see how many characters you have left, and monitor how long your subscription is valid by using the Voiser Plugin Control Panel.


Player Configuration

With the vast variety of customizability, Voiser provides you can quickly modify the title and sub-title of the Voiser voiceover player from the player settings menu, as well as change the colors of the text, background, or marker to properly suit your site.


Voice-over Preferences

The Voiser WordPress plugin makes it incredibly simple to customize the voice-over for any component of your website. From the Voiser plugin control panel, you may select from more than 550 voice-over options and more than 75 different languages. There are an infinite number of voice combinations possible when you independently alter the reading speed and voice pitch. Choose the voice that best meets your needs to add power to your website.


Voiser Voice Player

You can modify your Voiser player to fit your website by adjusting all the settings, selecting the options, and publishing. The player will appear on your site in a short while. To access your content, use the play button. That is how simple it is to use the Voiser WordPress plugin to make your website more accessible and up-to-date.

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Exceptional Panel

We provide an improved interface that streamlines managing your websites, emails, and more from a single location.


With a click, you can add add-ons, apps and services or upgrade your plan according to your need.

Single click

With a single click, you can install the Voiser voiceover plugin on your WordPress site. With the user-friendly control panel, you can voice your site quickly and with minimal effort.


With more than 550 voice selections and 75+ languages provided by the Voiser AI team, you can easily move your site to the designated existence with only one plugin.

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You can voice your WordPress site in 75+ languages.

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How can I add Voiser voiceover to my Wordpress site?

Our voiceover plugin for your site you created in Wordpress is ready in 3 easy steps, create, upload and publish the voiceover!

Will the plugin slow down my website?

No, it will not interfere with the loading speed of your website.

What languages do you support?

We are constantly working to support more new languages. You can choose 75+ languages and more than 550 voiceover options from the Voiser plugin administration panel.

I encountered an error while installing, what should I do?

Your Support Request created from your panel is forwarded to our common e-mail account, and we respond as soon as possible.

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